22 Ocak 2012 Pazar

video reflection

They Can Achieve Everything

      When people hear about the cripples, the disabled or see them on their way, they generally feel sore and maybe unconsciously people look down on them. Why is it so? Even in our childhood when we are joking with someone we used to say ‘crippled’ or ‘disabled’. When they are born as disabled or crippled does this mean that they are pitiful or powerless or helpless? Of course it does not… They are sometimes better people than some other healthy people. In our environment they are always some kind of people who wander aimlessly or who are useless and they are more miserable than them. Some of the disabled people are more useful, hardworking and successful than healthy one. When they have self confidence there is nothing that makes a stand against determination. They live and they have dreams also. They just need to spend energy more than other healthy people to succeed like a candle in the wind. They have more hardships, troubles and difficulties but the most important thing is achievement of difficulty and it is worth living… Doesn’t it?

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