22 Ocak 2012 Pazar


You, Your Husband and Your Kids
     Do you ever imagine that you are married the guy you are in love with and have a baby. You love someone, you think about him all the time, you marry with him and you have a baby… is that so simple? Of course not. Raising children is such a respectful job. Once you have a child everything in your life such as your behavior, you responsibilities, your bedroom life change.

    Firstly you should always think that whatever you do, children also do as you do. They always pretend like their parents. They are your mirrors.

     Secondly you should be aware of your responsibilities. You cannot go out at night without thinking about your kid. You worry about their homework, relationships, hardships, clothes, health etc.

     Thirdly you should not ignore your husband. When you focus on your baby, your husband jealous of the relationship between you and your baby. And this disinterest is due to hormonal changes and physical satisfaction you get from cudding your baby. When all your brain is full of thought about your children the interest in family can shift. And the last career issue. You and your spouse both of you have job then who takes children from school, who goes to school meetings, who wakes up for the baby at nights, who goes shopping and more things to do. Does woman have to do everything? Of course not. It should be negotiated that who does what and who does other things. If wife neglects her job in the house husband may not shout directly to his wife, but he shows his anger through the kids. But although all of these seem so hard, on smile, one hug, one word coming from your baby that is worth everything. When you come home from job, smell of your baby, giggling of your kids, their merriment make you relaxed and take you away from tiredness of everything… 

     As a result, kids are your and your husband’s work. If you do not neglect both of them and if you become aware of your responsibilities, nothing gives you peace of mind as your family does…

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