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Name of the Article: Is Turkey a Modal for the Arab World?
Name of the Writer: Ibrahim Kalın

Why I chose this:
Politic issues are interesting and I want to know more about Turkey’s international place.
                                          Turkey, King of the Middle East

          In the text “Is Turkey a Modal for the Arab World?” Ibrahim Kalın (2011) discusses that Turkey has an important role in the Middle East. He thinks that Turkey has a growing power in the region. He gives us some scientific findings, showing that Turkey has a big plus in the eyes of the Middle-Easterns. I partly agree and partly disagree with him.

I agree with the writer that Turkey is obviously in a better condition than the Middle East countries. It has a word to say in nearly all topics. He states that out of a 2,267 people research, Turkey had some very positive results like Turkey should play a bigger role, Turkey is a problem-solver and so on. This may be the general occasion but I cannot say this reflects the truth. After the current caos in the Middle East, no matter how right he is, the prime minister, R.T. Erdoğan told the people to go on striking and the fight till the end. Even if I appreciate a nation to stand up, I would not appreciate a foreign govern-man to tell them to go on rebelling. It is not his business after all. Again, I appreciate what they have been doing out there, but, I think it is wrong for a prime minister to tell some people to go on rebelling, if you know what I mean. Results of the research says that people think Turkey is a problem solver and some 78 percent says Turkey should play a bigger role in the region. (Kalın, 2011)
              Turkey’s image of a democratic country makes it to be distinguished from the other Middle Eastern countries. (Kalın, 2011) This is another reason for the region’s people to rely on her. Because they think she can set a good example of an ideal regime.The writer states that 66 percent of people thinks that Turkey has been able to reconcile Islam and democracy. (Kalın, 2011) I think this is a good point because countries have a tendency to be on the side where they feel comfortable in terms of religion. Religion plays an important role in countries’ choices. And Turkey is a good example to be follow.

           Thirdly, and surprisingly, Turkey has the largest economy in the region ($800 Billion), followed by Indonesia ($700 Billion), Saudi Arabia ($450 Billion) and Iran ($350 Billion). (Kalın, 2011) The growth of Turkey is yet to come and as the writer states she will be an economic giant in the region. I must confess I am surprised. Because for all those years, we watched the wealth of Arabic counties, 7 stared hotels and million dollar valued companies. Now we learn that Turkey is better off. I come up with a way of thinking that in Arabic countries, the rich is exteremely rich and the poor is hungry to death. It is the case in Turkey as well but not that bad, I think. The writer does not think Arabic countries want Turkey or any other country to get model, me neither. The model issue is problematic in some ways. Arabic countries would not want our policies to be accepted. (Kalın, 2011) There is a difference in way of thinking about the regimes. They don’t want to change their regimes.

          To sum up, there are statements and ideas that I agree and disagree in the text “Is Turkey a Model for the Arab World?” I agree because Turkey has a voice in the Middle East. And once she begins to talk, everone is willingly listening to her. But this is it. Nobody wants to change their regime or any other things. Okay, Turkey will grow and they want her to be so, but this is it. Turkey would illuminate the ways for them but cannot make them pass through it.

Kalın, İ. (2011). Is Turkey a Model for the Arab World? Reading Pack .

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