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For Read The Text : http://www.rfsd.k12.wi.us/schools/HighSchool/STACEYA.MATTER/Lists/American%20Lit%20C/Attachments/72/Why%20and%20When%20We%20Speak%20Spanish%20in%20Public.pdf

                                          Perception of Rudeness

           In the text “Why and When We speak Spanish in Public”, Myriam Marquez (1999) talks about her choice of speaking spanish and thought about it. She states that it is normal for a foreigner to want to speak their native language freely in public places. I agree with her. Leaving your country does not mean that you have to leave your language as well. She thinks just the same and tells us about the circumstances.
         I agree with Marquez that people have the right to speak their own language freely in a free country. (Marquez, 1999) Those who hear them would naturally think that they would talk about them but this is their choice not to choose English as the official family language even if it has been years since they came to The States. It is the most normal right of a person to comfort their cultural roots. (Marquez,1999) This is not about Balkanizing the country you live, it is about you, being away from your hometown, but wanting to feel as if you are still there sometimes. I think this is not to be taken too serious as long as there is someone outcast.

         The writer states that English is a vital language, you have to know English in order to get America, you have to speak English for business but abondoning your original tongue is not something good unless you are ashamed of who you are. (Marquez, 1999) Throughout the history there has been lots of foreigners in America and they have had the right to speak their own languages. But Spanish people become so American that their children now resist to speak Spanish. I think this is a pity that a language dies slowly in a foreign country. Your language is your culture itself. And forgetting, not using your language means not using your culture. I cannot think of a person who has no cultural tie to anywhere.

          All in all, as long as the situation is okay, everybody can speak the language they want. The writes tells us for sure that if she talks in Spanish with her parents and an English speaking one comes up, she will immediately switch to English so that he or she will not outcast. (Marquez, 1999) Cultural ties are important, we have to be stick to them.


Marquez, M. (1999). Why and When We Speak Spanish. .

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