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     In a modern world people think that especially in the western countries adults leave their home at 18 and they stop having anything to do with their families. I think that thought is not real. When young adults leave their home, nearly half of them want to come back for many reasons. I gathered a lot of information and numerical figures about reasons.

     One of these reasons is economic condition. When young adults leave their home, they have difficulty in get by the money they have.

    The other reason at this situation is emotional problems. According to me when they are far from their families, they need emotional support and they feel suppressed. But besides the adult’s hardships, people should think about their parent’s situation. I think when young adults come back to their homes, parents gradually become more stressed. Because they think about them, concern about their children. They find themselves bagged down with their responsibilities. But in addition to this brief visits can work beneficially.

     This situation is not the case in our country. Students, children or adults miss their family and want to see their family all the time. Our traditions are very precious. According to our traditions children and parents should live together. In East side of our country, people live with all their relatives. Their relative relationships are so strong. But this case started too change in our country. People have started to leave their parents lonely. L It hurts my heart really… People should be more sensitive. If they are sensitive, our society becomes more peaceful.


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  1. Dear Mualla=))
    I have read you essay and I really liked it. In many aspects I’m agree with you. First of all, you are right, in many countries youths are leaving their families but, they are turning back to them because of economical or emotional problems. Even if the case doesn’t seem like that, it’s true in many countries. I agree with you about the situation in our country, too. As you know I’m from Gaziantep, and you are right, relative relations are very much important for us. For us, every person from family or relatives is a ring of chain and separating them from each other is really difficult. However, as you also said unfortunately the situations are changing even in the cities in the East. I hope this situation will not be worse. It hurts all people’s hearts...
    Your essay is really good at explaining this situation, Mualla. Thanks a lot for your endeavours...=DD