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They Can Achieve Everything

      When people hear about the cripples, the disabled or see them on their way, they generally feel sore and maybe unconsciously people look down on them. Why is it so? Even in our childhood when we are joking with someone we used to say ‘crippled’ or ‘disabled’. When they are born as disabled or crippled does this mean that they are pitiful or powerless or helpless? Of course it does not… They are sometimes better people than some other healthy people. In our environment they are always some kind of people who wander aimlessly or who are useless and they are more miserable than them. Some of the disabled people are more useful, hardworking and successful than healthy one. When they have self confidence there is nothing that makes a stand against determination. They live and they have dreams also. They just need to spend energy more than other healthy people to succeed like a candle in the wind. They have more hardships, troubles and difficulties but the most important thing is achievement of difficulty and it is worth living… Doesn’t it?


You, Your Husband and Your Kids
     Do you ever imagine that you are married the guy you are in love with and have a baby. You love someone, you think about him all the time, you marry with him and you have a baby… is that so simple? Of course not. Raising children is such a respectful job. Once you have a child everything in your life such as your behavior, you responsibilities, your bedroom life change.

    Firstly you should always think that whatever you do, children also do as you do. They always pretend like their parents. They are your mirrors.

     Secondly you should be aware of your responsibilities. You cannot go out at night without thinking about your kid. You worry about their homework, relationships, hardships, clothes, health etc.

     Thirdly you should not ignore your husband. When you focus on your baby, your husband jealous of the relationship between you and your baby. And this disinterest is due to hormonal changes and physical satisfaction you get from cudding your baby. When all your brain is full of thought about your children the interest in family can shift. And the last career issue. You and your spouse both of you have job then who takes children from school, who goes to school meetings, who wakes up for the baby at nights, who goes shopping and more things to do. Does woman have to do everything? Of course not. It should be negotiated that who does what and who does other things. If wife neglects her job in the house husband may not shout directly to his wife, but he shows his anger through the kids. But although all of these seem so hard, on smile, one hug, one word coming from your baby that is worth everything. When you come home from job, smell of your baby, giggling of your kids, their merriment make you relaxed and take you away from tiredness of everything… 

     As a result, kids are your and your husband’s work. If you do not neglect both of them and if you become aware of your responsibilities, nothing gives you peace of mind as your family does…



     In a modern world people think that especially in the western countries adults leave their home at 18 and they stop having anything to do with their families. I think that thought is not real. When young adults leave their home, nearly half of them want to come back for many reasons. I gathered a lot of information and numerical figures about reasons.

     One of these reasons is economic condition. When young adults leave their home, they have difficulty in get by the money they have.

    The other reason at this situation is emotional problems. According to me when they are far from their families, they need emotional support and they feel suppressed. But besides the adult’s hardships, people should think about their parent’s situation. I think when young adults come back to their homes, parents gradually become more stressed. Because they think about them, concern about their children. They find themselves bagged down with their responsibilities. But in addition to this brief visits can work beneficially.

     This situation is not the case in our country. Students, children or adults miss their family and want to see their family all the time. Our traditions are very precious. According to our traditions children and parents should live together. In East side of our country, people live with all their relatives. Their relative relationships are so strong. But this case started too change in our country. People have started to leave their parents lonely. L It hurts my heart really… People should be more sensitive. If they are sensitive, our society becomes more peaceful.


it's amazin...


Being a Student of My Dear University :))
Being a student of a metu can not described. Being a student of a metu is a dream of every young in our country. And it was my dream, too. My dreams come true and i am here, in Middle East Technical University. I studied LYS YGS exam and i passed exam succesfully. My results were good. My point was enough to come my dear university J I made my choice and i came here.

At the beginnig of my university years, i was very sad because i had left my dearest mother and my family. Sometimes i cried all night and i missed my family and my friend very very much. But later i started to be in love with my school. I started to get more and more friends and to acquinted with school environment. I found freedom in my school. Students were doing whatever they want. Every opportunity was under their feet.

And now i am Metu student too. I can use every possiblity. There are groups that can we join very easily. I love there very much. And in our campus everyone says ‘HOCAM’ to each other. This means that everyone can learn something from someone. When i first heard this, i said ‘Come on! I am not Hoca!’. J Everyone laughed at me. It was funny.

Our University’s atmosphere is also amazing. Everywhere is green in summer and everywhere is yellow in autumn. We can study our lesson on the grass. We can have a picnic on the grass also. In addition to these, we have huge stadium. Its name is ‘DEVRIM’. In summer, there are concerts, activities that everyone can participate in them. If someone wants to walk , he or she can go and walk. And it is nice place to go and meet with my friends. . And we have CARSI. There are markets and shops in it. And there is also game salon. I can go and play billiards. And there is table football in here. I love it vey much.

As a result, however i try to describe being a student of my university, it does not work. Because it does not be described but it can be lived J But if i have to brief it in a couple of word, it was worth my all efforts to come here. I like my university very much and i will love it always :P

Mualla ACAR


How the Weather Affects Our Moods

I found researchers in Germany sought to find out whether day-to-day weather affects people's moods. Researchers branched out beyond just sunny and cloudy and looked at temperature, wind, sunlight, rain and snow, air pressure, and how long the days were. The study was led by Jaap Denissen of Humboldt University in Berlin. The study had 1,233 participants, all living in Germany at the time. Most of the participants were women, the average age was 28, with ages spanning from 13 to 68 years old. Study participants were first given a personality test that measured extraversion, neuroticism, how open one is to experiences, and how agreeable and conscientious they are. Then, participants were given a daily online diary and asked to respond to a questionnaire that measured tiredness and positive and negative mood. Examples of positive mood included feeling "active," "alert," "attentive," "excited." Examples of negative mood included feeling "irritable," "scared," "upset," "guilty." Tiredness was measured by terms such as "sluggish," "sleepy," and "drowsy."Most of the participants began the study in the fall. Researchers looked at how much the participants socialized and slept, getting feedback on those conditions, which can affect mood. They also collected daily weather data and matched it to the participants' ZIP codes.

Weather and Mood

Contradicting conventional wisdom, researchers found that daily temperature, wind, sunlight, precipitation, air pressure, and how long the days were had no significant effect on positive mood.

  • Temperature, wind, and sunlight were found to have an effect on negative mood. Sunlight seemed to play a role on how tired people said they were.
  • Wind had more of a negative effect on mood in spring and summer than in fall and winter.
  • Sunlight had a mitigating effect on whether people reported they were tired on days when it rained.
  • People were so varied in how they responded that researchers write that a mood-weather link may still exist for individuals.
  • When days become shorter, some people's moods mirrored that, while others actually felt more positive feelings.


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Name of the Article: Is Turkey a Modal for the Arab World?
Name of the Writer: Ibrahim Kalın

Why I chose this:
Politic issues are interesting and I want to know more about Turkey’s international place.
                                          Turkey, King of the Middle East

          In the text “Is Turkey a Modal for the Arab World?” Ibrahim Kalın (2011) discusses that Turkey has an important role in the Middle East. He thinks that Turkey has a growing power in the region. He gives us some scientific findings, showing that Turkey has a big plus in the eyes of the Middle-Easterns. I partly agree and partly disagree with him.

I agree with the writer that Turkey is obviously in a better condition than the Middle East countries. It has a word to say in nearly all topics. He states that out of a 2,267 people research, Turkey had some very positive results like Turkey should play a bigger role, Turkey is a problem-solver and so on. This may be the general occasion but I cannot say this reflects the truth. After the current caos in the Middle East, no matter how right he is, the prime minister, R.T. Erdoğan told the people to go on striking and the fight till the end. Even if I appreciate a nation to stand up, I would not appreciate a foreign govern-man to tell them to go on rebelling. It is not his business after all. Again, I appreciate what they have been doing out there, but, I think it is wrong for a prime minister to tell some people to go on rebelling, if you know what I mean. Results of the research says that people think Turkey is a problem solver and some 78 percent says Turkey should play a bigger role in the region. (Kalın, 2011)
              Turkey’s image of a democratic country makes it to be distinguished from the other Middle Eastern countries. (Kalın, 2011) This is another reason for the region’s people to rely on her. Because they think she can set a good example of an ideal regime.The writer states that 66 percent of people thinks that Turkey has been able to reconcile Islam and democracy. (Kalın, 2011) I think this is a good point because countries have a tendency to be on the side where they feel comfortable in terms of religion. Religion plays an important role in countries’ choices. And Turkey is a good example to be follow.

           Thirdly, and surprisingly, Turkey has the largest economy in the region ($800 Billion), followed by Indonesia ($700 Billion), Saudi Arabia ($450 Billion) and Iran ($350 Billion). (Kalın, 2011) The growth of Turkey is yet to come and as the writer states she will be an economic giant in the region. I must confess I am surprised. Because for all those years, we watched the wealth of Arabic counties, 7 stared hotels and million dollar valued companies. Now we learn that Turkey is better off. I come up with a way of thinking that in Arabic countries, the rich is exteremely rich and the poor is hungry to death. It is the case in Turkey as well but not that bad, I think. The writer does not think Arabic countries want Turkey or any other country to get model, me neither. The model issue is problematic in some ways. Arabic countries would not want our policies to be accepted. (Kalın, 2011) There is a difference in way of thinking about the regimes. They don’t want to change their regimes.

          To sum up, there are statements and ideas that I agree and disagree in the text “Is Turkey a Model for the Arab World?” I agree because Turkey has a voice in the Middle East. And once she begins to talk, everone is willingly listening to her. But this is it. Nobody wants to change their regime or any other things. Okay, Turkey will grow and they want her to be so, but this is it. Turkey would illuminate the ways for them but cannot make them pass through it.

Kalın, İ. (2011). Is Turkey a Model for the Arab World? Reading Pack .


Here is the myriam !!

For Read The Text : http://www.rfsd.k12.wi.us/schools/HighSchool/STACEYA.MATTER/Lists/American%20Lit%20C/Attachments/72/Why%20and%20When%20We%20Speak%20Spanish%20in%20Public.pdf

                                          Perception of Rudeness

           In the text “Why and When We speak Spanish in Public”, Myriam Marquez (1999) talks about her choice of speaking spanish and thought about it. She states that it is normal for a foreigner to want to speak their native language freely in public places. I agree with her. Leaving your country does not mean that you have to leave your language as well. She thinks just the same and tells us about the circumstances.
         I agree with Marquez that people have the right to speak their own language freely in a free country. (Marquez, 1999) Those who hear them would naturally think that they would talk about them but this is their choice not to choose English as the official family language even if it has been years since they came to The States. It is the most normal right of a person to comfort their cultural roots. (Marquez,1999) This is not about Balkanizing the country you live, it is about you, being away from your hometown, but wanting to feel as if you are still there sometimes. I think this is not to be taken too serious as long as there is someone outcast.

         The writer states that English is a vital language, you have to know English in order to get America, you have to speak English for business but abondoning your original tongue is not something good unless you are ashamed of who you are. (Marquez, 1999) Throughout the history there has been lots of foreigners in America and they have had the right to speak their own languages. But Spanish people become so American that their children now resist to speak Spanish. I think this is a pity that a language dies slowly in a foreign country. Your language is your culture itself. And forgetting, not using your language means not using your culture. I cannot think of a person who has no cultural tie to anywhere.

          All in all, as long as the situation is okay, everybody can speak the language they want. The writes tells us for sure that if she talks in Spanish with her parents and an English speaking one comes up, she will immediately switch to English so that he or she will not outcast. (Marquez, 1999) Cultural ties are important, we have to be stick to them.


Marquez, M. (1999). Why and When We Speak Spanish. .


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Childhood obesity continues to be a growing problem in today's society. In fact, almost one in five children and adolescents are overweight, and the numbers continue to increase . This is one reason why scientists believe this generation of children could be the first generation to have a shorter lifespan than their parents.

Obesity research scientists are currently studying both the physical and mental effects of obesity on children. The medical impact of obesity during childhood are similar to those seen in obese adults. This means that children who are obese are at an increased risk for:

As would be expected, these conditions have been increasing in children as obesity rates increase. Also, similar to adults, developing these conditions in childhood increases the risk for developing coronary heart disease .

Another risk factor for heart disease in adults is being overweight or obese. This risk is less clear for obese children (who do not have any of the previous conditions listed). In other words, if a child is overweight or obese but has a normal weight during adulthood, are they at an increased risk for developing heart disease as an adult?

Part of the problem with answering this question is that the number of children who remain obese in adulthood is quite high. Therefore, as adults, they continue to be at risk for heart disease, along with other conditions affected by weight. People should do something urgently.